BlueArmour Your Network Against Cyber Threats

The New IT Landscape: The Hybrid Enterprise

The enterprise is transforming into a mix of owned applications and cloud-based services, with private networks being joined by public networks. The notion of a network has transformed considerably over the past decade; virtual machines, mobile users and cloud-based applications are now strategic elements of the IT infrastructure.

As enterprises adopt the new IT landscape, they are able to derive efficiencies of a dynamic organisation. Equally they also introduce visibility and security gaps that leave the enterprise exposed to vulnerabilities and potential breaches.

Enterprises must ensure that the new IT models do not compromise the security position of the company. Embracing a solution that can continuously and intelligently reduce exposure to cyber risk is the only way to improve effectiveness and diminish costs without compromising security. BlueArmour affords this capability.

What is BlueArmour?

BlueArmour is a revolutionary multifaceted network discovery, collection, aggregation and analysis engine that provides automated end-to-end visibility to facilitate the delivery of actionable intelligence to reduce exposure to cyber-attack. BlueArmour provides an intelligent and automated mechanism to identify, prioritise and respond to critical points of weakness and vulnerability in complex enterprise network infrastructure.

How does BlueArmour work?

BlueArmour facilitates a hands-off multi-vendor, deep network discovery and collection of configuration and operational data from the network, and subsequently interprets it to infer relationships between network devices. BlueArmour additionally conducts vulnerability/penetration scans to identify vulnerabilities, determine how threats can propagate through an environment, reduce risk and ensure compliance.

BlueArmour ensures network integrity, security and compliance by performing automated network-wide cyber security evaluation and network analysis.

Provisioned via the BlueArmour private cloud, BlueArmour takes a multi-layered approach to safeguarding your data.

  • Technology and vendor agnostic; BlueArmour is interoperable among various systems.

  • With a hands-off approach, BlueArmour reduces the resource and cost associated with implementing a functional network-wide cyber security strategy.

  • BlueArmour cuts through complexity and shows you the highest priority gaps in context. This actionable intelligence puts you in control, focusing resources on the most important issues.

  • We show the paths into your network and to your most valuable assets, as well as the paths that could be used to take data out of your complex network. This lets you prevent cyber-attacks from the inside out.


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