Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Secure your network and reduce Cyber Security risk.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment with BlueArmour Technology makes complex networks understandable and secure. It turns complexity into a visual model complete with all possible network threat and access paths to your most valuable assets. Combined vulnerability and penetration information facilitates the prioritisation of threat mitigation based on actual risk.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment with BlueArmour Technology enables organisations to identify, prioritise and respond to critical points of weakness in enterprise network infrastructure. BlueArmour is a multifaceted network discovery, collection, aggregation and analysis engine that provides automated end-to-end visibility to facilitate the delivery of actionable intelligence to reduce exposure to cyber-attack. Through the use of this technology, the service models enterprise network assets and the security control and remediation infrastructure that protect those assets.

Simultaneously, it facilitates vulnerability and penetration scans to determine how threats might propagate through the environment, and can model changes to see what new vulnerabilities or threats are exposed.

Via the BlueArmour private cloud, risk analytics and expertise examine the model to identify high concentrations of risk and non-compliance. These analytics provide organisations with the information needed to drive planning and prioritised action that systematically reduces exposure to cyber-attack.

Key Features

  • Continuously identify critical points of weakness, configuration flaws and compliance violations that lead to breaches.

  • Visualise network infrastructure security end-to-end.

  • Proactively protect critical assets through dynamic data analysis.

  • Provides continuous monitoring capabilities to satisfy auditor’s requirements.

  • Provides pre & post-change assessment from an access and threat perspective.

  • Proactively protects against cyber security attacks by prioritising vulnerability risk.

Service Overview

For Management Teams:

For Security Teams:

For Network Teams:

  • Actionable security metrics.
    Proactively understand and monitor the overall security state of the network through automated and quantifiable attack risk metrics for situational awareness.
  • Proactively ensure a bullet proof security architecture.
    Assess potential security holes by visualising and analysing the infrastructure risks.
  • Constantly maintain accurate visibility.
    Always up-to-date network topology.
  • Deploy new networks securely.
    Ensure security architecture from the start. Assess the attack risk step of the build-out.
  • Exposure-based vulnerability management.
    Readily prioritise the vulnerability remediation tasks by utilising the calculated potential attack risk.
  • Validate access changes ahead of time.
    Ensure security and compliance. Identify the security impact of a change before applying it.
  • Operational excellence.
    Efficiently carry out remediation through attack-based prioritisation. Automatically identify violations to ensure compliance.
  • Avoid compliance penalties.
    Automatically identify violations to ensure constant compliance and automatically provide proofs for external audit.
  • Implement Prioritised Incident Response.
    Prioritise incidents based on potential breach determined by actual access analysis and severity correlation.
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