Cyber Security Incident Response

Minimise the Extent of a Threat Resulting from a Zero-Day Breach.

Effectively identify, control and react to a Cyber-Attack through immediate intelligence, content and context.

Time is critical following an attack and the thoroughness and rapidity of response will determine the cost and organisational impact of a breach.

Net Consulting provides reflex-like incident response through its Cyber Security Incident Response Service. Our comprehensive service pinpoints the root cause and contains the threat, while applying precise, effective remediation and mitigation of threat.

Forensic unearthing and investigation of attacks is carried out by our security-cleared consultants who provide remediating actions to minimise the potential damage to the organisation.

Key Features

  • Full Security Visibility of the Network
  • Incident Response Prioritisation & Damage Assessment
  • Detailed Forensic Analysis
  • Root Cause Examination
  • Full Layer 2-7 Indexing
  • Emergency Incident Response


  • Detailed Investigative Incident Report
  • Regular Service Reporting
  • Comprehensive Remediation Plans
  • Dedicated Emergency Security Consultant
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